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Are you the best Web Design Company in Egypt ?

What is your definition of the best web design company, if you mean that the company which offers it's clients with the best high quality website with the best prices, yes we are the best web design company in Egypt, if you mean the company which offers lowest prices for a non-professional website, so we aren't this company. Look, You can have your website as low as 200$ but will this website be the one which will represent your company? absolutely not, but on the other hand you shouldn't pay 2000$, our low-cost packages start from 600$ only.

Why should i have a professional Website for my Business ?

If you are a small business, you will act as you are a big business because of having a professional website. In Egypt people think that if you have a professional website, you are a large, professional company, if you have a non-professional website, you are a small company, and if you don't have a website at all you aren't a company.

What are the best Web Design Prices in Egypt ?

You can have your Web Design from some non-professional companies in Egypt from 400$, and if you went to any professional agency, you will have to pay as high as 2000$ (for Business Website), but with Mega Business Solutions! you can have a professional Web Design in Egypt from 600$ only!!!!!! (for personal Website), and 800$ only (for Business Website).

The Web Design prices in Egypt varies very much from company to company, and if you are talking about the prices of professional web design, i can till you that our prices are the best in Egypt, starts with only 600$, so if you are looking for a professional web design with low-cost prices, i am happy to tell you that we are here to build this website for you (plz check our web design & Development Packages & Prices).

What make you think that you are one of the top companies in this industry?

Compare our web designs with any other Company, after that, compare our prices, you will find that, our prices is less than any professional web design Company in Egypt by more than 40%, so i can say that we will give you the best prices, and our company designs are one of the top in Egypt.

Do you offer any other web services ?

Yes, we have abroad services in Egypt, web design, Web Development, Web Hosting,


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Web Design Egypt


Web Design Egypt


Web Design Egypt


Packages & Prices

We offer you not just a professional website, but it is a business oriented website. Having a professional web design in Egypt is now at your hands. You can choose from our low-cost price plans (Best web design Prices in Egypt by more than 40%) the one which will suits your goals. We are the Best Quality with the Best Prices in the web design industury in Egypt.


Choosed This Package

-- Dynamic Website
-- Free Domain Name
-- 10 GB Disk Space
-- 20 GB Bandwidth
-- One E-mail Account
-- SEO Ready
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Choosed This Package

Business Pro
-- Dynamic Website with Unlimited Pages
-- E-commerce Ready
-- Advanced Analytics System
-- Advanced Form Builder
-- E-mail Marketing System
-- Free Domain Name
-- Unlimited Disk Space
-- Unlimited Bandwidth
-- Unlimited E-mail Accounts
-- E-mail Forwarding
-- Social Media Integration
-- SEO Ready
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Mega BS! Phone Number

Egypt: 0122-322-8537 - 0120-414-6992

USA: +1 707-385-0123


We are available by Phone, E-mail, Live Chat, Website, even Facebook. We are here for you, wherever you are in Egypt, if you want any help, advice regarding your business, or want to ask about our web design Services & Prices in Egypt, we will be happy to help you, feel free to reach out. Our staff is extremely skilled.

phone iconWe are available 24/7 to answer your questions. you can use Live Help to talk directly to one of our Business Care & Support Team. you also can leave us a message and we will contact you as soon as possible, Don't forget We are the Best.

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What Our Clients Say?

Dr. Hazem Hashem

Professional Diet Group USA

My Company is selling Natural Diet Products in the USA and Egypt, and I wanted to have a Website to work as my online Catalog, After searching the US Market about a good web design & Development Company, I found a lot of companies that can build my Website, but there was a problem, the prices were too height (4000$-8000$), and then I came across Mega Business Solutions! Website, and I was shocked when I saw the prices, and when I knew that this Company is managed by Egyptians, So I decided not to have one Website but Two, one for USA, and one for Egypt, Mega Business Solutions! team helped me a lot and both of my Websites are great, I also recommended them to one of my family who has a Bag's Brand in Egypt (Giko Bag), and I know that he will recommend them as well, now i can say that we have a professional web design industry in Egypt.

What Our Clients Say - Toyota Crolla Egypt?

Mr. Len Hunt

Al-Futtaim ِAutomotive Group

We wanted to create a new website for our Toyota Corolla Line. We have contacted Mega Business Solutions! Co. after we saw their creative layout design. We wanted this website to reflect our unique Corolla model. They have created a highly professional, and creative website. You can check it now (Toyota Corolla Egypt), and we are thinking to let them redesign our main website.


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